Tuesday 20 July 2010

Work On The Boat Has Resumed

I have finished the motorhome conversion now, so its back on with the boat.

I have started with the roof hand rails.

I made them as a back to back pair for 2 reasons. 1st is to make an exact pair, the second and main one is equalize the welding forces to prevent distortion. Once they had cooled I split them down the middle separating them.

Not yet fixed as the welder is still inside the shell

I have also started on the integral water tank.  The first job was to cut an inspection access hole in the front deck.  I have made a rather large one as re-painting this is not going to be pleasant when the time comes so this will ease the job.

The inside wall sheet was put in the shell before the roof went on.  A small amount of shaping at the bottom was needed, and an outlet will be put in before its welded in place.  Inside the tank I have applied sealant to all seams.


  1. Ooh you are clever Kevin!

    I take it you were a fabricating engineer when you had to work for a living?

    Thats assuming you are an early retiree.


  2. Why thank you :-)

    Yes that's what I did for a business. I manufacured trailers and other light fabrication.

    I have another business that pretty much runs its self so I have plenty of time to play.