Thursday 7 October 2010

Where Does The Time Go? & Internal Cladding Started

Where does the time go when you are building a boat?  Well here's an inkling.  The bit of ply in the photo below took me 2 hours to work out the shape.  I used a piece of hardboard to template it.  It don't look much, and when its looked at it isn't.  The shape is curved top and bottom but the top needs to be flat with the baton line to accept a flat topping.  Took me a bit of working out.  Certainly didn't look right but putting a small bit of ply on top confirmed the shape was right.  Still the one for the other side will be only a matter of minutes.

With the help of my 75y/o mum, I sawed up the sheets of ply for the side cladding this afternoon.  She is amasing for her age and was just the help I needed.

I've started cladding the port side.  I have devised a method for cutting the window holes.  This involves offering the sheet up, then with the glass out, marking some datum lines from the outside for the template to line up to.

The notches in the template line up with the datum lines

Hey Presto! 3 sheets up

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