Friday 14 January 2011

Bathroom Update

The bathroom units came a couple of days ago so it was time to get on with finishing the plumbing and wiring for the bathroom.

So I have 2 more holes in the starboard side, 1 for the shower outlet (blue/white tube) via the Whale Gulper 220.  I chose this pump as it is held in high regard by fellow users either those that chose it, or those that have it as part of their boat equipment by default.  Also its easy to dismantle if it should get blocked.  Access is going to be tight so this was important for servicing and / or removal.  It will be under a unit behind the plinth.

 The Whale is fixed to a ballast slab

The other hole is gravity outlet for the hand basin, just the spigot is showing for now and the white ones are hot and cold water supply.

The bunch of wires are for the Whale and switch via a relay, power for the toilet and wiring for the extractor fan.  The white box is the 240v - 12v transformer for the extractor fan.

The dark wood arris rail is to support the back of the units

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