Friday 26 August 2011

A Day Of B's

First 'B' is the battery box.  A bit of a ground dog day as it was putting in the new battery box. If you don't know why this is a groundhog day look here. Unfortunately getting the new one in was not as easy as the first one as the first one was put in before the engine.  The old one was cut up to get it out.  To get the new one in needed the the deck supports and drains to be cut.

A couple of cuts and a bit of force and in it went.  Then welding it back up again and job done.

New batteries due 1st week of September.

The second 'B' is the bow thruster.  The hardware was installed a few weeks ago, now I'm back form holiday the cables were ready to collect.

Knowing the issues with long cable runs and voltage drops on BT's I designed and installed it all with the minimum length of cable I could.  Neg & Pos come to less than 1m = very low voltage drop, maximum amps (power) delivered to the motor.

The other cables are for the second battery

The total battery amps will be 220.

I still have to connect the charging cables but I'm waiting for the line fuses.

Also today I cleaned out the engine 'ole of general dirt and dust that just seems to acculimate and connected the morse cables to the gearbox and the throttle.  These blue cables can be seen in the second photo.

Off again later for the bank holiday weekend in the motorhome.  Going the SBMMC agm so back to the grind (love it really) on Tuesday.

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