Tuesday 9 October 2012

Book Shelves

All available space has to be used on a boat.  When fitted the kitchen I had 2 end units that had voids behind them. One each side of the boat.

Originally I was going to make a decor end infill, but the more I left it the more it became obvious these were destined to become book shelves.

So as usual a template was made each side.

This was used to make some end panels which I painted to match the side.

The addition of a shelf and a filler at the bottom completed the job.

And the same the other side. Accept this side has to be easily removable so the gas pipe and a joint can be inspected when the BSC is due.

So that's another job done.  I'm running out of things that need finishing, so as it was such a nice day today I decided to re-varnish the oak bow doors, and while I had the varnish out I also did the oak thresholds which had been left and the oak vents in the rear doors.

1 comment:

  1. Bookshelves looking good Kevin-just the size and placement for cookery books. Now, if you're running out of things that need finishing we're just up the road tonight. Jill