Friday 26 July 2013

Cool It

As I went up the stairs the other day I was hit by a waft of heat coming from the back of the fridge which is a built in one.

When I felt the element on the rear of the fridge I was shocked by just how hot it was.  Out came my trusty digital thermometer and showed 65c!

Knowing the bilge air is much cooler I decided to add some 12v fans to draw air up from below and push out over the back of the fridge.

After a bit is probing with a multimeter I found the compressor feed and wired in a 240v relay to switch the 12v fans only when the compressor is running.

The result is now a much cooler 37c.  So hopefully this will save some battery power.  The total load of all 4 fans is about .5 a/h.

1 comment:

  1. Bought one of those Zapit things today. Magic!