Saturday, 5 April 2014

Trip Blog Title

I have given lots of thought to the name of our new blog to chronicle our travels on the mainland European waterways.

In the end I decided on simply WB Avalon WB standing for WideBeam. Simples! In our case WB relates to the style of boat.  Essentially Avalon is a traditional Narrowboat style and layout but double the width.  It's full know designation is WBNB (WideBeamNarrowBoat).  I know it's one of the best Oxymorons but it is what it is.

Become a follower and join us on our adventure.  This blog will be less of a technical boat blog and more a travel and lifestyle blog.  I will be co-authoring it with my wife Debbie and occasional input from our Airedale Terriers Teddy and Herbie.

1 comment:

  1. Well what a great blog this has been read the lot over the last 4 maybe 5 days often into the early hours. So much info in it a great reference for other builders. Deb must be one easy going wife that's for sure but I guess she could see the shared vision coming along as it were. Well done 12 out of 10 thanks for sharing I'm on with the next one now.