Thursday 28 January 2010

Steel Order Arrived

The steel to complete the shell sides roof and water tank arrived today.

Now all I need is some good weather a mini-digger to lift the sheets, oh and my knee to ease up so I can get on with construction.  I went skiing last week and once again knackered my knee.  Its become an annual event over the last few years, so I have made an appointment to see a knee specialist.  I did the original injury 20 odd years ago skiing.  I'll never learn  SWIMBO says.

Many thanks to my friend Andrew for attending with his all-terrain forklift to unload the steel. It doesn't look much for £2k but there is about 2 tons all cut to size and some profile cutting.

I have the parts for the skeg as well as a couple of bits of steel I didn't order.  I need to find out how the skeg goes together, although I shan't be needing that any time soon.

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  1. Hi Kev,

    Only just discovered your site, we too have a widebeam, called Takey Tezey, ok so it's already built & lived on! (Even if it has had loads of changes & improvements) but there aren't many of us widebeamers blogging. So thought I'd say Hi & good job so far...