Monday 1 February 2010


After what seems for ever I have finally got on with what looks like some construction.  I have of course welded the rubbing strakes on, but that is not the same as sticking big bits on.

After a very frosty start the first task was getting the frozen sheets apart.  It was surprisingly difficult.  Sure they weighed in at 78kg each so this its self needed manually lifting to seperate, but to break the frost grip was a harder job than I would have put money on.  Once apart the ice grip pattern was only about 2sq/f.  I think if the whole sheet was frozen it would have been impossible.

The template I had cut from vinyl before Christmas came out along with the hard board practice piece.  I had to modify the shaped front end a little and amend the template.

Once the steel was cut it was time to get it in place.  (Bear in mind here I have a dodgy knee at the moment).  The cut piece now weighed 64kg.  With a bit of a struggle I managed to walk it up the stairs, then carefully I laid it on the gunwale and I was delighted it fitted perfectly.  A bit of a tap with a club hammer to get it in the right place at the front, then tack welding to get it to follow the curve of the front of the cabin.

I have decided to tack the whole job up then go back and weld it once everything is in place.

First cabin part in place :-)

On a side note.  The aluminium steps you see I bought at an auction about 7 years ago for £20!!!  At the time I had no use for them but for £20 it would have been mad not to.  The safety rails are easily lifted out.  They are going to be perfect for working on the outside of the boat.

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