Wednesday 10 March 2010

Flap Wheels Are A Miracle

 What a brilliant invention

I now have all the roof welded shut along the sides.  I still need to finish the cross wise welds.  My welding umbilical is too short so I am going to have to put the welder on a trailer to gain some length to reach what I have been able to do.
I have now welded the starboard side bottom to the gunwale and dressed the welds ready for paint.  


The flap wheels have made this job so much simpler.  To weld the 12.4m and dress it has taken about 6 hours.  The bulk off this was the dressing.

I did use flap wheels on the roof dressing as well, but they really have come into their own on this job.

BTW it has been Bl**dy freezing today.  The wind has been from the N.E. which for us is the worst.  I was chilled to the bone.

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