Saturday 20 March 2010

Non Visual Stuff

I have been busy this week doing background stuff.

I have been discussing engines, cooling , gearboxes, drive gear, bow thrusters, with a very helpful chap.  I had originally wondered why my shell had been built with a mud box instead of keel cooling.  On deciding on the engine power (I want around 90hp) it was clear after running a calculator that I could not put efficient skin tanks in.  90hp needs 22.5 sq/ft of contact area.  Realisticly this is going to be a non starter.  So it looks like the mud box or raw water cooling via a heat exchanger is going to be the answer which is why it has a mud box.

I have also ordered the windows.  8 off 36"w x 24"h Dutch barge style windows and 3 off 18" port hole windows.

Building a boat is more than just tools and graft.  There is a shed load of research too, especially if it's your first one.

I have also bought an inverter.  Probably a bit premature but it was a good price so it can go into store for now.

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