Monday 12 April 2010

I Got Heckled Today

Well not heckled as such but a comment made on a forum reminded me I haven't blogged for a while.

My time has been spent on the motorhome project as its got to be ready to go to the spray shop shortly.

I have been doing stuff in the back ground while nature is talking it course on the mill scale. 

I have been researching engines, gearbox's props etc etc.  I have bought a Victron 3k inverter that came up on a good deal although its not needed yet.  

The plan is to get started on the boat again while the MH is at the spray shop.  It's going to be there for about 3-4 weeks.  By the time it goes the windows should have arrived.

So nothing of real interest to blog about just now, but rest assured there is stuff going on.  To see what I have been up to have a look here.

We spent the weekend on our NB going down to open it up.  I am pleased to say there was nothing that needed attention, everything fired up without a hitch, even the Lister which hasn't been started for nearly 4 months fired into life in about 10 seconds on a battery that has sat idle.  On our mooring we don't leave the boat plugged in so none of the batteries get charged.  The domestic bank started at 30 amps but soon stepped down to 2.5, and after the engine was run for an hour down to 1.6 amps.

The toughest job was cleaning the spider poo off the Venetian blinds.  It took hours, so my wife said.  I was busy fiddling elsewhere but did do one of them and it was well stuck on for sure.

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  1. Not many folk seem to know about spider poo! A remarkable composition to be sure.