Tuesday 27 April 2010

I Have A Generator

A few weeks ago a CWF forum member posted to say he had a Vetus generator that had broken down.  The engine he said was fine but there was no 240v being produced.  He wanted it removed from his NB and it was free to whoever could get it out.  I contacted him and arranged to see it in situ.  It was put in with a fork lift with a long reach pole.  Space and access was very limited to say the least, and there were a range of water and hydraulic pipes right in the way. Getting it out was not going to be easy.  I went away to scratch my head.  A couple of weeks later I went for another visit to see if my mental picture and plan were feasible.  I decided it was, and took some measurements and went away to make the key bit of kit.  A pipe that could be used as a pulling point.  The unit needed to be lifted 8" but there was only 9" of space.

 The essential pole

So this morning I set of with all the tools and equipment I needed.  The NB owner had removed all the covers and bolts holding it down to make the job easier with the very limited space I had.

This was the test lift

Having decided it was safe to lift higher some blocks were cut and a big type of Jenga set was made as using a ratchet strap the spool soon fills up and then the load has to be dropped back and the slack strap pulled up ready for the  next lift.  This process was repeated several times until the maximum height was reached.  A long board was then slid under the leading edge.

The unit was pulled again using a ratchet strap until it was clear enough to turn to go through the side hatch.

Once it was turned 2 ratchet straps were used to drag it up the ramp.  A 3rd one was used to hold the unit while the main 2 were 'reset'.  It took about 20 minutes to get the unit to the point of balance.

Once out of the NB it was put on a trolley.  

Job done

Start to finish was about 2 hours.

Once home I put the covers on

Just need to find out now why its not producing power.  It could be a simple as a bridge rectifier or primary exciter winding, or it could be a much bigger problem.  I have spoken to someone already who is going to come an look at it once I can run it up.

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