Friday 13 August 2010

Day 5

We spent the day in Cambridge.  We were woken by cows on the common. Mooing at silly O'clock.  Cows in a city center park.
  I swear they came right up to the window to moo!

Our Goddaughter came to visit, then we all went in to Cambridge for shopping & lunch, before she had to leave us for work.  We retired for an afternoon nap, but this was prettymuch foiled by all the activity around us.  To the starboard we had walkers, runners & cyclists.  To the port we had rowers with their coaches shouting instructions from their bikes on the starboard side.

They seem to come in all sizes from 1 to 8 people.

In the evening we took the dogs out for a walk in to another part of the city following the river this time.  We are not big on putting the dogs on leads unless it's for their own safety.  So on a walk of about an hour or so, Teddy went into an Al-Fresco restaurant, Rupert stole some fisherman's bait, went on board and inside another narrowboat, in town they were papped by some Japanese tourists, then on the way back Teddy went in to the kitchen of a pub.  If only people would take proper predations then an Airedale would not have temptation put before them.

Punts on the River Cam

 All mischied out they took to their beds

Shortly followed by ourselves.

Just like this photo.  Good light

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