Friday 13 August 2010

Day 7 Monster Day

What a marathon today has been.  We needed to make a tidal lock and had to be there by 12.30, which meant a get up at 6.30 for a 7.00 cast off. 

I think more water has fallen out of the sky today than we wer floating on.  It has hossed it down ALL DAY and I do mean hossed and ALL DAY.

We made good time and reached the lock in plenty of time, only be told that we would be the last ones through because of our length.  Normally our length puts us through first, but not today 'cos of tides, wind, moon phase blah blah blah!  The upshot of this was we could have had an extra 2 hours in bed and a leisurely cruise to the lock, instead of 2 hours waiting our turn.  
I haven't taken any pics today.  The weather was so wet I dare not get the camera out.

This was our route today............

Best route from A142 Road Bridge - Ely to March

Gazetteer River Great Ouse (Old West River)
From A142 Road Bridge - Ely to:
 River Lark Junction
Junction of River Lark with Old West River
4 miles, 0 flg, 0 locks (total 4 miles, 0 flg, 0 locks)
 Brandon Creek Junction
Junction of Little Ouse or Brandon River with Old West River
5 miles, 3 flg, 0 locks (total 9 miles, 3 flg, 0 locks)
 River Wissey Junction
Junction of River Wissey with Old West River
5 miles, 5 flg, 0 locks (total 15 miles, 0 flg, 0 locks)
GazetteerDenver Sluice 1 mile, 1½ flg, 0 locks (total 16 miles, 1½ flg, 0 locks)
 Denver Junction
Junction of Old West River and New Bedford River
0 miles, ½ flg, 1 lock (total 16 miles, 2 flg, 1 lock)
Gazetteer River Great Ouse (New Bedford River)
From Denver Junction to:
 Salter's Lode Junction
Junction of Well Creek with Great Ouse and Old Bedford River
0 miles, 3 flg, 0 locks (total 16 miles, 5 flg, 1 lock)
Gazetteer Middle Level Navigations (Well Creek)
From Salter's Lode Junction to:
GazetteerSalter's Lode Lock 0 miles, 1 flg, 0 locks (total 16 miles, 6 flg, 1 lock)
Junction of Old River Nene with Well Creek
5 miles, 2 flg, 1 lock (total 22 miles, 0 flg, 2 locks)
Gazetteer Middle Level Navigations (Old River Nene)
From GazetteerOutwell to:
GazetteerUpwell 0 miles, 6 flg, 0 locks (total 22 miles, 6 flg, 2 locks)
 Popham's Eau End
Low Corner. Junction of Popham's Eau and Old River Nene
3 miles, 0 flg, 1 lock (total 25 miles, 6 flg, 3 locks)
 Twenty Foot End
Junction of Twenty Foot River and Old River Nene
1 mile, 7 flg, 0 locks (total 27 miles, 5 flg, 3 locks)
B1101 road
2 miles, 2 flg, 0 locks (total 29 miles, 7 flg, 3 locks)
Total distance is 29 miles, 7 flg and 3 locks. There is at least 1 small aqueduct or underbridge.
Made up of 29 miles, 4 furlongs of broad canals; 0 miles, 3 furlongs of tidal rivers; 3 broad locks.
This will take 9 hours, 56 minutes. 

It did + 2 hours fannying about at the tidal lock.  We are both knackered!!!! as too are the dogs.

We are now moored at March, and we are gonna sleep to midday!

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