Friday 11 February 2011

Its Been An Exhausting Week

I have spent the the best part of 30 hours this week down the engine 'ole.  I am shattered. Its a small space to work in and you are always ducking and bending.  Everything is sharp and hard and always right in the way when you hit your head, or knee, or shin or elbow.......... you get the picture.  Standing back and looking at what has actually been done really don't add up the that amount of time and certainly if I was given a time sheet for it I would be questioning it big time!

So here it is ready for paint.

This side has the mounting brackets for the fuel filters, raw water strainer, and a protective chanel for the tiny copper tube for the Mikuni C/H heater.

This side (port) has the toilet tank locators and restraint point, start battery tray, self pumpout pump mounts, the exhaust water lock muffler and exhaust outlet spigot.

Calorifier fixing

Domestic battery bank restraints

Port side from a different angle

And finally the exhaust spigot from outside


  1. Good job Kev. I'm sure a little blended filler and epoxy will fix those dents in your head! ;-)

    I was actually thinking how nice it'd be to have that much space in an engine compartment. I think mine is going to be quite a bit tighter.

    Carry on, we're watching.


  2. Yeh it is kinda big, but it will be pretty full very soon.

    Keep watching.