Sunday 27 February 2011

Slow Week

Its been a slow week this week.  Monday was a sad day as it was my friend and neighbor's funeral.  There was one bright side to it though.  Due to road works he was actually late for it.  This is very apt as he never lived his life to the clock at all.

The rest of the week just disappeared really.  My wife works at a school so was off for half term so I spent more time with her doing things that needed catching up on really.

I have done a bit on the boat here and there mostly involving preparing to power the boat up.  Here is the wiring all coming together ready to be put in to the various fuse boxes and consumer units.  There's still a few more wires to come in yet but this is pretty much it.

Yellow is 12v lighting, blue is 240v power black/red is 12v supplies
+ cables for satelite TV dish and CCTV wiring.

I have run a CAT5 cable from the helm to the AV area where the main PC will be.

I have also put in the exhaust and water separator for the generator.  This makes a wet exhaust quieter.  Seeing as how the genny will be used mostly while we are stationary it makes sense to do this as much for our possible neighbors peace and quiet as well as ours.

Other job done this week was the fitting of the inverter / charger.  I decided to put this in the engine room as it keeps the 12v wires as short as possible and should be cooler.


  1. Hello Kev

    Nice to see you getting on so well.

    I'm very jealous!

    Ref- the inverter in the engine room. I thought I read somewhere that at least one inverter manufacturer definitely recommends that the item NOT be fitted in an engine room.
    Sorry to poke my nose in but I would hate you to have to move it.

    WB Cinnamon Girl

  2. You could well be right Andrew.

    It says not to put it in hot areas not to put it somewhere it can't breath etc. and not to site it above a battery.

    On balance the engine room is going to be reasonably cool and well ventilated etc. I am confident it will be OK there.