Friday 8 July 2011

Strange Week

Its been a strange week since the last post. The passing of an era.

I have now sold our Narrowboat.  It needed to have a pre sale survey, unfortunately my marina could not accommodate us on the slip when we needed it but the next marina on the system were able to.  So I went down the marina last Sunday to save a rush on Monday morning.  The new owner turned up and we set of about 10am.  4 hours later we had covered the 12 miles to the other marina.  The boat underwent its survey and apart from some battery terminals that needed soldering and a small clip on a gas pipe all was good.  I stayed at the marina overnight and they soldered the terminals and I did the clip.  All work done I set off back the the home marina.  

 It was a sad journey for me tracked on my iPad

It was the last time I would be the owner of that boat at the tiller.  We have had it for 5 years and have enjoyed every minute if it.  It's been a great first boat and has been the springboard to this boat I am now building.  I hope the new owner has as many good times as we have had.

Leaving Stanground lock

Peterborough city 48 hour moorings

Midsummer Comon 48 hour mooring Cambridge

So having only a short week the priority was to get the rear ready for the cover.  The cover incoroprates a dodger which is the lower part which wraps round the bottom.  To make a neat and weatherproof job of it required a bottom rim to be made and welded in.  Once that was fitted next came the hard part of rubbing down the whole of the stern metawork then finally priming.

 The lower rim

This rim didn't follow the curve of the lower part of the boat so I had to make an infill fillet and weld it in just near the bollards.  The lower rim follows the upper rim.

I will give this a couple of days to harden right off before rubbing down ready for gloss coat. I have used 2 pac primer.  The spray gun I have has a very fine adjustment on it.  As 2 pac is a chemical cure paint the fine adjustment on the gun allows very fine placement of spray.  The primer is a high build filler/primer so the gun can be used to precisly fill any small areas which need building ready for rubbing down.


  1. This may be a strange question to you, but is rubbing down what I would call sanding on this side of the pond ?


    Bill Kelleher

  2. Yes Bill it is. It's not nice what ever its called. But the better it's done the better the final finish.

  3. Congratulations and condolences on selling your narrow boat Kev. They say the happiest two days of boat ownership are the day you bought it and the day you sell it. It's actually bittersweet. Bigger 'n better things eh?

    Cheers & keep up the good work.