Wednesday 27 July 2011

Progress Again :-)

I now have all the steering system hydraulics fitted.  Flow and return pipes have been run from the steering pump to the ram and with the help of my wife turing the wheel to order the system was filled and bled. Here is the helm pump.  I have removed the wheel again as its sure to get damaged.

I have also fitted the an external 13a socket, the 16a power inlet, 12v switch panel, locker doors and the red bit is the megga loud alarm sounder.

Sam the canopy maker came again today to start the final fit.  This has enabled me to finally get the big tempory cover off.  Whist it has done a stirling job the constant noise of it russtling in the wind has really irritted me. So..........


And the big reveal...........


 Panoramic shot front

 Panoramic shot front

Sam's Website  
I have a comment from an email corrispondent about the pram hood:-"The dogs Bollocks"  guess he didn't want to put it in the comments box. I aggree.  I will show it off on another blog later on as to what it does.

While Sam and indeed his daughter Sam were fitting  this I was bust up the front end.  I have removed the horible steel front doors and replaced them with the loverly oak ones I had made.


The grind marks are to remove the hinge

Finally today another delivery of furnature to finish off the kitchen and for the bedroom.  Once again it feels like things are moving again.
Its strange how it goes, you seem to be working and nothing seems to get done, then in a couple of days all the prep comes together in a big way.

Sam is back on Friday to put the final fittings on the cover.


  1. Very nice progress Kev. Starting to look like a properly outfitted boat there! ;-)

    How tall is the front doorway? Looks pretty short in the pics.



  2. Hi Rick

    Its 1260mm to the outside of the frame so a little over 4'. Its small but useable.

  3. Looks like it should gather some nice breezes Kev. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you launch her soon. She's a beauty! ;-)