Tuesday 11 October 2011

More Plumbing

I think I have finished the plumbing.  I can't see anything else that needs doing, but I'm sure something will crop up, but in anticipation of this I am going to clear away the plumbing stuff.

So hopefully this is the last plumbing job.  Because the washing machine is cold fill only is seems a bit daft using the boats electricity supply to heat water when we will probably only use the washing machine as we are on the move or when when we have a tank full of hot water heated by the engine.  As the calorifier will make hot water from either the engine or the Mikuni it will heat up to about 80°C which for general wash cycles is way too hot. So to ensure the temperature of the water going in doesn't exceed 40°C which is the most common wash cycle I have installed a TMV (thermostatic mixer valve).  This mixes hot and cold to produce and maintain the set temperature exactly like a good shower mixer does.

This one has the advantage that the hot can be turned off so the rinse cycle is done with cold water.

Then other thing installed is an expansion vessel.  There are 2 reasons.  First to reduce the water pump cycling when the tap is on a low flow setting and the other to accommodate the expansion and contraction of the water in the calorifier as the water heats up or cools down.

2L expansion vessel

Finally today I cut and edged the back panel for the kitchen units.  This is easily removable for service access.


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