Wednesday 6 June 2012

A Few Days On The Move

Its half term in the UK and what with a wedding last weekend 

and the Jubilee and a boat show on Monday, we finally kicked off on Tuesday with the intention of going to St. Ives which we think is a delightful town.

The distance from our home mooring is about 24miles so having kicked off quite late following a lay in and supplies shopping we decided to stop early evening about half way along.

Very remote

At the first lock we had to go topless, its the law!  Well actually its because the lock runs under a road and the headroom is restricted.

 Deb gives this a good scale

Look at the water line. This is going in

This is the headroom after the rise

So on to the next lock.  Sometime seals can be seen here but not today. This is an easy lock hardly any level change at all but still it involves the whole process.

All was going well until we reached the next lock at St. Ives.  The river guide says the lock is 91' x 12'7''.  Now you would think that us being a mere 60' x 12' would fit easily.  NOPE!  we got well and truly wedged despite going in at a snails pace.  There is a jutty out part as can be seen on Brian's photos

The far end of the 3 rails. We were coming in the other way

It took Deb on the power and me and 2 other burly chaps to free us.  Words have been had with the publishers of the guide.

So we turned around and have now moored in a lovely spot near a pub.


  1. I'll have to check that lock width very carefully when we are there this summer collecting the data for our maps.

    Hopefully we'll meet you both somewhere during our travels.

  2. "So we turned around and have now moored in a lovely spot near a pub."

    Great consulation Kev! :-)

  3. That's a nice photo of St Ives lock, well done finding it. I thought it should the bump quite well.

  4. Paul, NP has my phone number. Get her to give it to you privatly. Ring me if your going through Ely.

    We didn't try the pub in the end.

    Brian, I got it from the reply on CWF then linked to your website. A chat today with Mr Anon and it seems this is way too costly to remove due to underground problems. Apparently it will cost millions to fix as it dates back to the very original lock. It was on the list of recent works but dropped.