Wednesday 30 May 2012

Boat Safety Certificate. Done!

After re doing the gas main I wanted to get a gas check done. As this forms a significant part of the UK BSS certificate I thought I might as well have the hole thing done. I I have built the boat to the RCD I didn't need to have this done for for years but I thought why not, it wasn't much more in cost. I am pleased to say that the whole boat and it's systems passed first time and the certificate was issued. So the boat now has belt and braces paperwork.


  1. Well you will be well chuffed with that!! Well done you, you got the whole thing right, and you know it! See you soon xx

  2. That just shows how good of a job you did. :))

    Bill Kelleher

  3. Did you have to subscribe to the RCD web site to get the documentation Kev? Seems a lil' pricey for a recreational home built boat.

    Our requirements here are a bit more lax and certification isn't absolutely required for a home built recreational boat. I'm following the Transport Canada Small Vessel Construction Standards which are freely available. Working for Coast Guard doesn't hurt either, I'm surrounded by NavArc's & Engineers! :-)

  4. No I did the RCD through a third party package in a very large Excel spreadsheet with all the legal stuff dealt with. So no need to purchase all the speck, just the package.