Thursday 25 April 2013


This weeks theme on the boat has been about storage.  When we go to France we are going to need to store more equipment and stores.

I am going to make some storage bins and seats for the rear deck.  This is the template for the side ones then once these are made I will bridge across the back.  So we will get lots of storage and a nice social area to enjoy the better weather abroad (well hopefully). I will probably make a demountable table as well.

Next it was under the stairs to the stern.  Having cut the floor board under the bow steps some time ago and doing some temperature checks it was noticeably cooler all the time than the room air. 

This is how it was before and we do use it for storage.

Now the floor has been removed we gain an extra 125mm depth and a cold surface being the base of the boat.  This space is ideal for tinned drinks, wine and beer.  Probably not cold enough to drink but certainly a saving on fridge running being cooler than room temperature. Anyway it cost nothing to do so why not?

And the final bit of storage.  Sort of :-)

This is a crate for our new crew member - Herbie. 11 weeks old now.

Seen here in his home crate

And not forgetting his big brother

Teddy (with a sore paw) and Herbie

Hopefully we won't need to crate him for too long.  Some people don't like the idea of crates, but our experience is that a dog makes it his own space, they don't see it as a cage like we do.  To them its a bed and a den.   Toys get taken in and out and if left open they will happily go in for a nap.  


  1. Jill, Matilda Rose25 April 2013 at 22:45

    Hope Ted's paw is getting better - oh, talking of linky thingys you're on the old waterways sites ranking thingy and will stop working soon (that's what it says anyway!!!).

    1. HI Jill

      Yes its on the mend we think. I did see that, and I just noticed I am No. 9 this morning. NOt sure how this works as I was 26 the other day.

      Have you made a Linky yet?

    2. No 7 now in just a few minutes??

  2. Storage under the stairs is pretty handy. Have to make use of all available space.