Thursday 2 May 2013

A Boaters Favorite Subject

Yeh toilets again!

Following the removal of the 230v toilet in favor of the 12v again I was left with a gap behind the toilet as I had to remove some extra wall to get the plumbing connected to the 230v one.

I made a template a week or so ago and my brothers stone firm cut and polished a cover plate out of a type of man made porcelain.

So why are there tiles missing on the lower left?  Well, first of all it was an accident of removing the skirting board but then it became apparent this was a fortunate accident as I have another problem that needs fixing and these broken tiles sowed a seed to part of the solution.

The rubber sanitary hose used to take the macerated waste to the holding tank which is sold a "Smell Free" is now after only a year leaching a nasty smell in the boat and needs replacing.  This was supplied by a an expert firm in the field.  When questioned about this I was told that basically all flexible sanitary hose will leach smell sooner or later.  This I find unacceptable and have taken it up with the supplier.  In all fairness to the supplier I don't think they are to blame as they only brand that which is available elsewhere.  Neither the less to be told this hose should be regarded as an item that will need replacing anywhere from a year onwards is just not on.  Plumbing as far as I am concerned is a fix and forget item!

So in order to get the old hose out and new one in access has to be got.  By removing the right hand bathroom cabinet:-

I was able to carefully remove 2 tiles to replace the damaged ones:-

Then using a borrowed Fein Cutter (Thanks Garth at The Boat Yard Ely) I gently cut through the board behind ensuring not to plunge any deeper needed to breakthrough because behind are plenty of services:-

As you can see!  I'm pleased to report nothing unintended was cut or even nicked.

So if anyone want's to buy me a pressie, a Feins Cutter will do.  In case you're not sure this is what one looks like.



  1. I read with interest your being told that all flex toilet pipes smell.
    Ours has been in constant use since 2004 on our boat, Lyra, and there is no hint of smell.
    Trouble is I can't remember where I got it. I think it came from Lee Sanitation but not sure.

  2. Hello Bob

    It was probably made long ago when things were made to work. I bet the modern formulation in the tube has had Europe take out all the good stuff that made it work. A bit like modern paint.

    Strangely since putting the 12v one back in which uses MUCH less water than the 230v one, the tube is smelling a lot less.