Saturday 5 October 2013

New Genset Frame

This is the new frame I have made to do 2 jobs. 1st job is to support the rear of the engine. Previously the 230v alternator body did this. The new 12v alternator isn't designed to do this

This doesn't look much but it took several hours of head scratching and trying different things. There was 2 main problems / considerations in the design. The 1st and most important was the maintain all the original parts so it could be put back to original. 2nd, I wanted it all to fit back in the original sound reducing box.  The other minor problems were to ensure access and use all the original bolts and the exhaust pipe route got in the way. The final consideration was to ensure the new alternator could be fitted and removed as the pad mount lugs are wider than the diameter.

The pads of the alternator will sit flat on spacers on top of the flats of the bottom angle irons and bolted through 

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