Wednesday 2 October 2013

US Alternator Has Arrived

The Ecoair alternator arrived today from America :-)

Just a picture quick entry this time.

Its big! and it's heavy 18kg!

In the interim I have been looking at drive options.  I have decided to make a new drive plate:-

Old drive plate

to which I will probably use a Fenner HRC Coupling or possibly a Fenner Tyre Coupling.


  1. I used a Fenner tyre as a drive coupling on Harnser.

  2. I thought you didn't like these anti spam entry things

  3. Hi Brian

    I didn't know I did. I have comments moderation but didn't realise it was behind protection. Which one is it? Is the tyre drive on the prop shaft?

  4. I am going to follow this topic with interest!

    nb Waiouru

  5. Hi Kev

    Very interested in your project. I'm working on a similar but less sophisticated project myself.
    I've got a nearly new Honda 4hp stationary engine and I'm setting it up to drive an 80a alternator with a sterling digital regulator fitted to make it a decent battery charger.
    I wonder though, if the engine from your 230v genny has the welly to drive a 300amp+ alternator? maybe you'll have to gear it down?
    Keep up the good work

    WB Cinnamon Girl