Tuesday 11 March 2014

It's Getting Real Now

Final preparations are now underway for the European trip.  The dogs have had their rabies jabs and their pet passport is in process.  I have booked the ferry.  The transport is booked and the cranes both ends are also booked. I am talking to home insurance companies about extended periods away from home cover.  Most only allow less than 60 consecutive days away.  My current one is 45 days which is woefully short.

So dear readers, what should I call the next blog?  Currently I have Avalon Afloat and have only dabbled with it as blogging UK waterways has been brilliantly and well and truly covered by other bloggers such as my friends Sue and Vic, Jill and Graham, Leslie and Joe to name a few.  All of these friends have many more links to other UK waterways blogs.

So what would you (shall I) call the new touring blog?


  1. Jill, Matilda Rose11 March 2014 at 21:25

    Avalon A Broad?

  2. Great name Kev, why not! Paula

  3. I have another couple as well:-

    Carry on Abroad


    Carry On Aboard

    Not had a bad suggestion so far

  4. Avalon Way To Go? (miles and miles)!


    Avalon Time in Europe (How many years?)


    Avalon Stay in Europe (how long?)


    Avalon goes European Broadly

    Can you tell I am bored tonight?

    I am sure you will have your own ideas! You must both be getting really excited. xx

  5. "The British Are Coming, The British Are Coming!" Oh wait, that's been used already. How 'bout 'A Canal Bum's Guide to Europe"?

    :-) Whatever you choose Kev we'll be watching (reading).



  6. How about Kev and Deb's big adventure?
    You've had quite a journey with Avalon so far with the design, build and 'local' trips, but this one is a real adventure your'e going on.
    Whatever you chose we'll all be following you!