Friday 7 March 2014

Preparing For The Next Chapter

In a little over 6 weeks Avalon will be lifted out of UK waters, loaded on a truck and driven to Nieuwpoort in Belgium to start the next leg of the adventure.  

This was always our dream and her purpose. She was conceived and built with the sole intention of being our cruising home on the waters of Europe.

We have loved our time on the Gt. Ouse and at Ely especially and I very much consider Ely my second home with the friends and acquaintances we have made there.  It would be easy to stay, too easy.  With this in mind we have decided to continue to keep our mooring there even though we won't be there just in case!

How could we not?

This is just an easy 10 minute walk into Ely city centre.  The Chathreal can be seen in the background.

This is a panoramic shot from the roof of the boat.

The other picture is from the railway bridge on the right of the picture.

The next few blogs will be about the preparations of Avalon to comply with  EU waters and to equip Avalon with kit to better navigate bigger waterways   On this point there is (for my non EU readers) supposed to be a level playing field for all EU members in that a UK boat should be accepted in say France or Belgium or in fact any EU member state.  But NO!  each EU state can make it difficult to do things in another EU state.  So much for harmonisation!  I guess full harmonisation would mean 1000's of paperpusher and jobsworth jobs would go and so add to the unemployment figures.  Cynical Moi?

After this I will start a new blog with the help of Deb which will chronicle our journeys in Europe.  We both hope you will join us and follow our ramblings. This will be more of a Travel Blog than a Technical Blog. But check back as there will be boaty stuff as well I feel sure ;-).

Thanks for following so far.


  1. No pictures?? I'm being prompted for userid/password?

  2. Wow, I have read all your blog, we too are hoping to travel abroad with our boat, so I am looking forward to your updates.


  3. 'Chathreal' Is that Eastern English for 'Big Church'? Sorry Kev I couldn't resist, My spelling is normally ok unless I know I've spelt it rite so dont bother checking it so it's a case of Glass Houses.
    On a more important note I shall follow your adventures abroad with relish and not a little jealosy(?) as my beloved cannot even get on a boat without cold sweats and I love them! (Boats that is, not the sweats) I'm really looking forward to the chronicles of the preparations, shipping and refloat, Can't say I blame you for not wanting to sail her over, I know people do it but Avalon was not designed for that!
    Andy in Sunny(at last) Cornwall.