Monday 14 December 2009

It's Been A "Smashing" Day

The day started off very well, smashing weather for outside welding.  I got the prep done ready for welding the rest of the rubbing strakes on.  This was cleaning the joints with a rotary wire brush to clear the paint and rust and green stuff that has developed over the time it has stood outside.  I then blew the joints out with compressed air to dry behind the strake. 

I have changed to .8mm wire from 1mm for now which needed a new drive roller which fortunately arrived just in time.

I got a good few hours welding done finishing the strake welding.  When it got dark I packed away which is where the day went bad.  The trolley I have the welder on tipped over on some soft ground.  So the new regulator I bought 2 weeks ago now needs a new gauge, but worse than that my Velux welding mask got smashed.

I have had this mask 10 years, and they no longer make it I am told.  It was £140 then.  I know they have dropped in price since but I still have to replace it, and I could not find one with a view window as big as the velux.  I have a standard Jackson mask which will do for now, and have orderd another auto mask form an ebay tool merchant which seems to have good reviews,

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