Wednesday 29 June 2011

Alarmed And Connected

I have now installed the alarm system.  Its a wireless setup which can take up to 16 sensors.  Currenlty I have 4 door break sensors and 4 passive PIR and a smoke detector.  The company is also devoloping a flood sensor which will be handy for the bilges and can be added to the system.

 This is the kit  As you can see it does a lot of clever stuff especially the GSM facilities.
Also installed is the 3G wireless router with exteral 9dBi aerial.  I hadn't planned on this when I put the lounge wall up.  I was rather chuffed with myself that I managed to find and dill into the 2" cavity from outside on the roof on the first attempt.  Once this was done it was simple a case of tracing the wire down.

See here for the full spec and Here for the aerial

Both of these devices will run directly from the 12v supply and draw a tiny amount of power.  The modem will only be on when we are at the boat, the alarm of course will be on all the time.  Standby draw is 0.5a


  1. Kev, at first sight your aerial doesn't appear to be able to connect to your router?

  2. It is, that is just a stock photo form the supplier. I have even posted and surfed from it. The signal strength is not that good but the throughput is fine. This is a very poor area for any mobile signal at the best of times.

  3. 3G coverage is uncertain at the best of times :)