Thursday 9 June 2011

Lappy Working

My laptop is now up and running again so I can upload some pictures.  The  iPad is good but there's no easy way of directly getting camera pictures on to it to blog.

I have been working on the kitchen fitting and made some temporary stairs.  Fitting the kitchen has been pretty straight forward accept for turning the corners of course.

Port side

Starboard side

There's also another 2 units to go along from the side panel which forms the side for the integrated washing machine.  The cooker will be opposite the stairs and then another curved end unit to form the walk through.

All the domestic water service is now installed accept for the final connections to the taps and appliances.  The 25-40psi pump I have installed under a kitchen unit. 

Yes I can easily get it out again! 

 Kitchen sink unit

I am really pleased with the stairs I made using the calculator a while back see here they have worked out perfectly in fact.

Temporary steps. The final ones will use the same stringer