Thursday 23 June 2011

Yet More Rudder

Been doing more rudder again today. The top end this time.  As I have now fitted a Schilling type rudder I want to have more than 35° movement each way which is how the boat was designed with a flat rudder.  The problem with this was the side of the port fuel tank was just on the limit of the 35° to starboard.

 This is the rudder lever up against the tank wall

So to get the clearance needed to swing the arm over further means borrowing space in the fuel tank.  I'm so glad I have a plasma cutter. Cutting this out with any thing elses would be very difficult indeed.

I forgot to photograph the insert that I have made to close the tank with the borrowed space but here it is welded in place.

I know the welding is less neat than I usually do, but in my defence it was done in a very tight space with very poor access and even worse visibility with a welding mask on.  

Because this now forms part of the fuel tank in nedded to be pressure tested again.  With the aid of some soapy water a few small parts of weld were found to be porous so needed welding up.  I have no idea why but closing a porous weld needs 10 times more weld than you ever think, so hence the splodgy bits of weld here and there. Anyway the tank again passes the required presure test, in fact it held 7psi for over an hour before the pressure was released.

Here's the finished item with the lever fully over to nearly 90°

And finally this is the access I had to work with!

About 450mm x 150mm


  1. I was going to say something about that weld till I read the rest of the post and then saw the last picture.

    Good Job

    Bill Kelleher

  2. Thanks Bill. It was a really difficult and vy uncomfortable job to do. I'm gad it's done now though as it gives me some extra swing on the rudder.