Tuesday 13 December 2011

Bed Time

After yesterdays mishap, today was considerably better.  I put up another 15 strips of ceiling cladding in the lounge area first thing this morning.  Then it was on to the the bed room.

Last week I made up the top of the bed ready for the base to be constructed.

The panels are made by the same firm as the wardrobes and chests of draws.  The finish is oak with a pigmented lacquer about 30% gloss finish.  The colour is Truffle.

I fixed the wardrobes in place yesterday.  Today I fixed the bedside draw units to the wardrobes, made the frame then clad the panels to the frame.

 The white strips are edge protection tape

The fix is only temporary for now as the bed might have to come out as the floor sheets  might need to be lifted to put trim ballast in.


  1. Nice work Kev. I might have missed it but what's the material you're using on the ceiling? It looks hollow. I've been looking at something similar called "coroplast".

    Carry on.


  2. Thanks Rick

    It is a cellular construction UPVC paneling which make 165mm per strip. It has a light oak embossed pattern in it. Its quite heavy duty as its made for outside cladding (siding).

    Its about 10mm thick.