Saturday 10 December 2011

Gas Fire Fitted

I bought this fire about 5 years ago with the intention of fitting it in our previous boat but never got round to it.  I got it off e-bay brand new and delivered for a stupid winning bid of £50. 

I then bought the canopy and an LPG conversion kit and that came to £120, so all in all a bargain.

I am glad I didn't fit it in the other boat now as it chucks out so much heat.  It would have been way too much for the space.

I have made the flue from 3mm walled tube which catches and radiates loads more of the otherwise wasted flue heat.

So why a gas fire you may ask as I have oil CH.  Well 3 reasons, as a secondary form of heat in case the CH fails for any reason, as a focal point and also gas because as a second source I'd rather carry a gas bottle than logs or coal and there's no ash to clear up and the heat is on and off on demand.  OK I know firewood can be generally gathered for free, but I really can't see myself gathering and chopping and storing etc.

A local wood turner made me this oak flue trim which I am delighted with.  He is going to make the trims for the mushroom vents when I know the size.

A lot of preparation has been going on in the bedroom.  Next week I should finish the bed and furniture fitting.  The bed base is made and the first wardrobe is in place.


  1. Are you sure that stove is BSC compliant also what sort of flue temperature do you get at the top near that wooden ring?

  2. I am building to RCD. In the calculations for gas appliances and ventilation I am well inside the requirements.

    The bizarre thing is if it was a log/coal fire there is no regulations.

    As we all know there are more tragedies involving solid fuel stoves that there a for gas. Which really points to the fact that regulation in fitting and maintaining should be extended to solid fuel stoves like there is for gas.

  3. I don't know the temperature at the flue ring but I can comfortably keep,my hands on it. In the original picture it is touching but I will replace this with the one showing the final clearence.