Wednesday 14 December 2011

Lounge Ceiling

I have finished putting up the lounge and kitchen ceiling and additional lights over the hob.  It was touch and go as weather or not I would have enough material.  I did a calculation before I ordered.  Due to the cost of it I didn't want any over.  Looks like I failed ;-)

It was this and the end trimmings

This is the finished ceiling.  It has a light oak grain imprinted in the paneling and its a cellular construction.  Its made for outside cladding so is fairly tough compared to the products you can get in B&Q etc.  It cuts well with a sharp saw but will splinter with a blunt one.  All my engineered products are cut using a Triple Tip TCT saw blade.

Nice and tidy up top, not so below!

Oh well that's just me, I've always been the same.

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