Friday 6 May 2011

Back In The Saddle + Knee Update

I spoke to my other neighbor today.  She said she heard the explosion as well, in fact she said she felt it as well.

Its been a little de-motivating to be honest, but on the upside its pretty much agreed that I was very lucky not to have been injured.  I agree.

I decided to console myself with setting out the instrument and control panel and the steering pump.  This is the rough draft.

I have also drawn up and sent of for pressing the lids that will cover the lockers on the stern.  Hopefully I will get them next week.  I have a canopy maker coming over on Monday to start templating for the stern pram hood.

Finally the knee.  I've had a long term injury to my knee from a torn cruciate ligament.  For 20 + years it has been a dull ache, which from time to time flares up especially after skiing.

Well apart form having a sizable dent in my knee cap and a very large bruise my knee actually feels better.  So hopefully when the bruising and swelling goes down it might be mended.  Fingers crossed.


  1. Well there is always a 'glad' to be had Kevin! I hope your knee continues to recover, and you get your buzz back soon. Mum told me about the accident when we went to see her this weekend (nb No Problem), it seems you have all had a safety wakening lately!

    Love the blog though most of it goes over my head! haha

    Keep safe..


  2. Hi Wendy.. The knee has a great bruise of many colours but the long term problem I have seem to have deminished.

    While the bang has been a bit if a setback I think it resove ok. Certainly a lesson wel learnt!!

    The trip look great BTW.