Wednesday 18 May 2011

Ceiling & Lighting

This week so far has been about putting up the ceiling and installing and connecting the lighting.

You need to remember here that as I said way back, "I don't do wood".  I previously used laminate flooring to do the roof and walls of my narrowboat.  Armed with the success of this I decided early on that I would again use laminate flooring for the ceiling.  In my previous NB I used it crosswise.

Like this

But the design I want to use on the widebeam is like this.

With the use of a very realistic textured oak effect laminate this is how its turned out.

It looks very real

Of course flooring laminate isn't designed to be fixed to a ceiling.  The main problem is getting it to stay in place and getting it all to click together so it has to be done one strip at a time waiting for the adhesive to go off before the next strip can be put up.  Here is a bit of time lapse of the process.

Double click for full screen

The lighting used is 12v 60 LED warm white GU10 equivalents.  These bulbs really are as effective as the 50w halogen originals, but with less than 1/16th of the current consumption.  The lounge area is lit by 12 lights which means the whole area is lit for less power than 1 x 240v 50w halogen bulb.

Tomorrow is going to be a big tidy up day.  :-(     but mum is coming round so I think she will be deployed on the broom :-)


  1. Glad to see you knee is better.. It is not often I have a good enough signal (or enough data allowance) to watch one of your video things.. But I am well impressed!

    I showed Vic and told him this is the speed that most people work at now, and that he should pull his finger out on his next project..

    He huffed and puffed his way through some very choice language indeed!

  2. The knee is well good. The bruising has gone down, and it is brill.

    As you have such a good connection have a look at me other stuff. Its just as boring lol.

  3. You can really move when you want too. LOL

    Looking good and glad to hear the good news on the knee. :))

    Bill Kelleher

  4. Hi Kev - what a great idea. I may need to adopt for my Trawler's main cabin, as I need to replace the headliner - next winter. Love to do it in the Pilothouse but I need to drop the overhead periodically to get to one wire or another bit. Need to consider a few other options.

  5. It takes a while to do and you have to be careful if there are any curves that bend the laminate. My front bedroom roof does so you have to dry laminate the next strip while the glue goes off. If you don't you won't get it to click together. If you understand what I mean.