Wednesday 25 May 2011

Gas Fire Flue + Odd Jobs

I have welded up the deck drain I had to cut to get the generator in, welded the generator flexible feet to the uxtor plate (base of the boat in that area), welded the bracket for the raw water strainer on, soldered the 'T' junction for the raw water strainer to share the input with the engine and the generator.

The parts for the rudder have been ordered and I have sent the rudder shaft to the machine shop for the key way to be cut and the bottom bearing to be made and started to put up the frame work for the rest of the ceiling.

The principle showable job today though was the flue for the gas fire.  Once again out came the trusty plasma cutter.  The diameter of the flue was 115mm which is the same size as a 115 grinding disk which I used as a template.  The flue needs a bit of clearance and the distance that is gained when the disk was used as a template was just right, about 3mm all the way round.

Quiz.  I'm facing due East when I took this photo on 25/5/11. 
What time was it?  Same latitude as London.

In preperation for the hole cutting I removed the spray foam insulation and lined it with a metal shield.

Then to catch and cool the plasma ejector a bucket half filled with water was positioned using a ratchet prop.

Once cut and the shield material removed this was the hole.

The flue may as some point in the future need to be removed so it will be fixed with an external flange.  Bring out the plasma cutter again.  The center hole was done using a worn 115mm cutting disk and the outer using a worn 250mm disk.  I like to keep it simple :-)

That's me in the shadow

The flange will be welded to the flue once the levels are set.  I need to get my brother to make me a hearth first.  But this is something how it will look.

In case you were wondering why a gas fire?  Well, I think its a good idea to have a secondary form of heating on a different fuel just in case.  There was no way I was going for a solid fuel solution, all that logs and coal and ash.  Na, NOT for me!!!


  1. Id say around 7.30am on the "What time was it" question

  2. My guess :)) is 9 am.

    Bill Kelleher

  3. Hi there, I enjoy reading your boat building blog, It gives me a real insight as to how a steel boat is put together. You said that the flange will be welded to the flue, how will the flange be fixed to the roof? I was thinking about heat expansion and ease of removal for cleaning.


  4. It was 10.30 ish

    The flange will be welded to the flue and the flange will be screwed to the roof with 6mm screws. Sell later when it happens.

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