Monday 13 December 2010

Under Pressure

Today I cleaned out the starboard fuel tank fitted the filler cap and bunged up all the holes.  I have 2 flow, 1 return and one drain off hole in each tank and a breather on the rope bollards.

The fuel tanks have to be pressure tested at 3psi (20kPa) for 1.5 seconds per liter capacity for the RDC.  I know from metering previously that this tank is 280L.  So it needed to hold pressure for at least 7 minutes.  I'm please to say it held it for well over an hour when I disconnected the guage to test the C/H plumbing.

I actually tested at 4psi just to be sure

Then it was on the the C/H plumbing test.  A much higher test pressure is used here.

Testing at 3 bar

Currently this is losing a small amount of pressure an hour but the technical advise line at Speedfit said that an air only test is not really the right test on their products so was not surprised at the small drop in pressure.   I think I will fill it with water and re-test it.  I'll report back.

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