Wednesday 25 January 2012

Bottom Draw & Hatch Covers

Remember the days when mostly girls started a bottom draw for the day they would marry and set up their new home.

Well building a new boat is much like setting up a new home.  We however have a bottom draw ROOM.

Pretty much everything in this room is destined for the boat, from furniture to, fire extinguishers and home entertainment stuff to kitchen ware as well as loads of boaty bits like solar panels, ropes, navigation books, even a bloody Rosie & Jim.

Deb is particularly pleased with the cushions that arrived today.

Meanwhile I am still doing all those jobs I've been putting off.  Today is was grinding off the old holding paint on the fore deck ready for final finish which will be nonslip.  Also painted now are the hatches for the weed hatch and mud box and the clamping bars.
Oh and I fitted the cover for the hydraulic steering ram.
(Blue bit with silver screws 9 o'clock)

1 comment:

  1. Your "bottom draw room" looks eerily like the rec room in my basement Kev! :-)

    Plumbing is in the left rear corner. Electrical in the right rear corner. Galley equipment is in the middle. You get the idea.

    Carry on. Looking good!