Tuesday 3 January 2012

Fuled Up

I have been getting a bit fed up with getting 40L of Diesel from my friend to run the central heating boiler (Mikuni) so I ordered a full tank full 600L.

I need to fuel it up at some point and while its on dry land its better just in case there is a leak.

I was confident it was going to be fine because of the pressure tests and it was. So once full I was able to calibrate the fuel gauge.

During the Christmas brake I finally found where the leaking water from the toilet tank was coming from.  Turned out to be from the hose where it connects to the pump out pump.  The jubilee clips couldn't put on enough force to squash the hose down so I fitted so I solved the problem with Superclamps

These were able to overcome the steel spiral reinforcing in the hose.

Over the Christmas break I was able to get some more oak trim up as well but eventually ran out of adhesive.  So I gave in and had a bit of time off.


  1. What did 600 litres cost you over there Kev? Around here that'd be just about $700 Cdn equal to about 440 GBP.

  2. Something cheaper in the UK?

    It cost £425.00 Red diesel here only has 5% fuel tax. Red diesel is dyed and chemically marked to discourage illegal use in road vehicles. Massive fines for doing that here.

  3. We have colored diesel here too but as far as I know it's only for agricultural use only. Our marine fuels carry the same taxes as road fuels.

  4. It's going to be like that here soon. The EEC Declan that diesel for leisure orating should be taxed higher, but it can still be red. In the UK when you buy diesel for your boat you have to declare how much is for propulsion and how much is for heat an power. The suggested split is 60/40 but can be 100/0 or even 0/100 depending on ow you use your boat.

    Tax is then levied at 20% for propulsion and 5% or heat and power generation.

    So your price is for rp white road diesel?

  5. Sorry about spelling, hate the iPad sometimes.

  6. You mean to tell me that as great as the iPad is suppose to be it doesn't have a spell checker ?

    Bill Kelleher

    PS Will you burn most of that fuel before you launch so your not extra heavy for the crane ?

  7. It does but I don't read before I hit send.

    I will burn off some for heating in the boat as the winter goes on. As for heavy, won't be a problem as the crane the firm have to lift it is to big to fit in the space, so it's going to require 2 smaller ones lifting from each end. More expense!