Sunday 22 April 2012

Another Nice Weekend On The Boat

We had the pleasure of Sue and Vic on our boat on Saturday night after having a shopping trip into Ely for essential supplies for all and a nice pub lunch together.

Sunday was a bit of harder work. I painted some more of the roof and the concrete on our mooring was well overgrown having not been cut back for some years would be my guess.  So I dug it out.  You can see how much has been retrieved by looking at the dark stained area.

This is actually our mooring but for the time being the higher bank a bit further along suits us fine.

 It's handy for getting onto the roof and is a bit shielded

Oh, and the moorings on the other side of the river are part of a marina and the fees there are 3 x what we pay. 


  1. Fantastic company this weekend, I had been looking forward to it very much. Having a bit of a night off alcohol, I think last night's consumption is still working now!

    So much enjoyed seeing your new boat too, it is huge compared to NP.. very nice, very nice indeed.

    Hopefully we can repeat party time again.. Oh but I will not drink all Debs wine next time!

    Big thankyou from me xx

  2. Morning Kev

    Ref mooring fees.

    I have spoken to EA and I think I can get a spot just outside town for £60 per metre. The marina is £78 per foot this year. Thats £255.84 per metre.

    Stay cool


  3. Hi Sue

    It was great to see you both again. We will party again soon for sure, but we are now both on strict diets after you massive and most welcome Sunday roast. We were so full we skipped tea when we gfot home. See you shortly.

    Andrew thats great news. It's a huge saving but you will have the added expence of off grid living. I had to run my genny for 12 hours last week to top my batteries up again. I suppose though thats nothing in diesel compared to the difference in fees.

  4. Nice mooring you have there - Annesdale, isn't it? how did you get it, do they have a waiting list?

    All the best,
    fellow fenland boater,
    NB Lucky Duck