Wednesday 11 April 2012

Hello Again

It's ages since I've posted.  Since we've been on the water we've been using her for some local trips and last week we spent the whole week aboard with only one night on our home mooring.

I did some small jobs on the boat like screwing down the bedroom floor at last.  Does anyone remember my first attempt a using the plasma cutter?   

Well of course it was a 'K' and I did a 'D' as well.  These are now under the bedroom floor.  It's a girl thing!

So this week it's back to work and the pressing job is the roof gritting especially this area which is going to have the solar panels on.  I want to get these on ASAP (next week all being well) now the summer is coming along and the fridge freezer is going to be working harder.

A good rub down and all masked up

 Then a good thick layer of paint and the grit liberally applied

I will remove the tape in the morning and remove the surplus grit and if the weather holds get a coat of pain on.

Inside I have cut the holes and fitted the internal vent covers.

152mm hole saw takes some controlling,
it really wants to grab

I got a very funny look when I went into the local millinery shop and asked for some Tu Tu netting in black.  I explained it was to keep insects out on some vents, I think I was convincing.

4 layers should keep the buggers out

Then finally the fitting done with self adhesive Velcro so they can be removed for access to the ceiling void and for the inevitable cleaning.

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