Sunday 15 April 2012

Bathroom Finished

At last I have finally finished the bathroom.  I've had the shelf units for a few weeks.  These were once again custom made to my drawings and supplied by Frinton Kitchen & Bathrooms.  Thanks to Graham and Danielle.  This company has supplied all my fixed furniture for the Kitchen, Bathroom & Bedroom.  Jolly pleased I am too.

On Friday the LED mirror arrived just in time to take to the boat which was handy as its the last part for the bathroom.

I managed to get a 12v battery powered mirror
which is now powered by the boat's 12v system


  1. Absolutely magnificent Kev!

  2. I know i'm a bit thick, but, I thought mirrors just reflected, so why the power requirement ? Please explain to this simple soul !

  3. Thanks Rick, Wife had the concept.

    Alf, the power is for some inset LED's if you look you can see clusters of 6 dots, this is for make up application apparently!

    Some are even mains powered with shaver sockets and demist zones but of course on a boat the power overhead is not welcome so the 12v (8x 1.5v batteries) option was a great find.