Sunday 22 April 2012

Gas Main Cockup

I misread the requirements for the gas system in the boat, the original has got to be replaced.  Ho Hum!

Fortunately this is a reasonably easy task all be it a bit messy, but its better to sort it now then its done.

First I made a hole saw guide

This is the new space behind the skirting board for the gas fire

I finally manged to get a coat of paint on the last bit of gritted roof.  It's eating paint this textured surface! 7.5L to cover about  9sq/M.  This means I can finally fit the solar panels next week providing the weather plays the game.


  1. Would you please explain what you did wrong on the gas line ?

    Bill Kelleher

  2. Hi Bill

    Yes I used lead solder joints which if I had read the BSS instructions and spec. more closely I would have known was wrong so the whole gas main has to come out and be redone with either silver solder or compression fittings. The joints also need to be accessable for inspection.