Tuesday 7 September 2010

Hatch & Battoning

I have been working on the gas locker and other storage compartments on the stern.  I had to stop as it was raining yesterday and welding in the rain is no fun.  I will post pictures when its done and painted.

So I welded the bolts on the hatch and attached the ball races that the hatch will run on.  I have left clearance for some brass runners.  

It runs nice an smooth now.  I haven't closed the ends yet as I'm not ready to do that until I have the doors fitted.

I have the foam insulation firm coming in 6 days time so I need to get the battening done.  I made a start last week on the lower section which is being nailed on.  The side batons are being glued on with a Sikaflex® type adhesive.  To get a good key on the metal involves a heavy grinding.  The top baton has been nailed to the roof beams.

This took about 4 hours to do. The bottom 5 you see took less than 30 minutes. 

I am running about 6 weeks ahead of my planed schedule.  It was my intention to have the boat sealed to the elements and insulated by the time the clocks go back so I could get on with the internal fit out over the winter.  Apart from the rear doors which I have being priced at the moment I will achieve this.  I will make some temporary doors if need be.

I am now thinking a late spring completion date is possible.  We had planned to take it straight down to France when it was finished.  We have thought on this a bit more now and have decided to have it here for at least 6 months to ballast it and "sea trial" it first.

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