Friday 17 September 2010


Yesterday I made a template of the side and roof.  There is an extension for the roof profile but I made it detachable to make it easy to move round.

Armed with this, this morning I made some partitions to divide the boat up into its rooms rear lounge and kitchen, mid bathroom, and front bedroom.



Bathroom  (Sorry no wide angle lens)

The template worked well.  Now the boat is partitioned up it gives it some perspective.  These partitions are only temporarily installed.

I'm considering weather its worth putting insulation under the floor.  I am seeking opinion, but it seems to be evenly divided at the moment on  Any blog readers care to comment?


  1. It is always worth insulating where you can when you can Kevin.. especially at this stage. I suppose too it depends on what type of flooring you are going to have as well.

    If your underfloor insulation is within your budget do it.. you have nothing to lose, in fact it might save you heating bills?

    Hey you will even be able to walk around in your socks and not moan!

  2. Ha Vic just made a comment "It could get damp!"...

    I think I will leave it to the boys!

  3. See divided opinions already and for the same reasons.

  4. I really wish I had insulated under the floor. I was expecting the water to do that for me but I forgot we would be drying out every tide. With proper ventilation in the bilge dampness need not be a problem. But it can be an issue in small spaces particularly with ballast. Brill blog btw.


    RJ Cannons, you must be near me.

  5. Yes Cannons. Where are you based? Somewhere tidal by the sound of it.