Thursday 23 September 2010

More Jobs Done

After much consideration I've decide not to insulate the floor.  Doing this would reduce airflow in the bilges which is considered a bad thing to do.  I asked about this on the canal forum and the replies were pretty much 50/50 on to insulate or not.  So in the end it was my call.  All of the reasons discussed made sense though.

I've now finished the gas locker and storage lockers on the port side of the hatch. All the lockers will have decorative hard wood lids and the tall locker will have doors on.  The middle part is the helm and instrument panel.  Parts are removed for priming so it looks a bit odd.

Gas Locker

I have painted the bottoms of the floor ply with bitumen to seal it.  The floor in the bathroom is now fixed down and the temporary fix of the wall has now been made permanent.

Blacking the board backs

This is the best view I can get of the bathroom area. Its 1525mm x aprox 2440mm.  I say approx as I haven't finalised this and its not critical at the the moment.

Looks a lot narrower than it really is

The toilet arrived today.  So I can move this around to set up a design. Original plan was to have a bath, then a shower bath, but its now back to a shower.  We will have the washing machine in the bathroom now.

I got to work on the bilge as well this week.  It was pretty grim as it had been open to the elements for 2 years before I bought it so the paint was shot to bits, then its had all sorts of crud in it from the bushes around.  So when I finally cleared it out it was pretty stinky. 

I ground it back to bare metal where the water had damaged the original paint and have now re-primed it.  It looks a whole lot better now

A fair bit of rain had previously got in the engine bilge because the self draining decks weren't working properly.  There was a big dip so the water was finding its way in where the removable bar goes.  I have jacked the back to level and glued the removable bar in.  Just need some rain now to test it.  The weekend is coming so I suppose we'll get some then for a change.


  1. From what I have read on another UK blog I think there may be just a little sarcasm in this part of your statement. LOL

    "Just need some rain now to test it. The weekend is coming so I suppose we'll get some then for a change."

    Bill Kelleher

  2. Hello BIll

    No, it generally rains or worse on a weekend or public holiday. Its the law!

    Had a bit of rain Friday evening and the drains seemed to cope with that, but Sunday is supposed to be providing a better tests.

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