Tuesday 14 September 2010

Water Tank Capacity, Roof Batons & Hot.

I bought a water meter so I could measure the capacity of the water tank.  Result is 2233L to the brim, this will reduce a bit when I put in the overflow so will probably end up about 2000L once that is in.  Now you have to trust me on this.  I estimated 2000L in my mind.  

I will use it next to measure the capacity of the fuel tanks.  My guess for them is 450L  They are built into the rear of the boat and are a very strange shape so its kinda hard to get a feel for it and seeing inside is not easy either.

I fixed the roof batons in this morning.  It was hot work.  Its amasing just how much warmer the shell is now the insulation is on and I had the doors open.


  1. The capacity of the water tank should be enough so that it can easily store the rain water.....

  2. I doubt I will be collecting storing rain water.

  3. In my view water recycling should be done because we are already having some water shortage these days...so that life can not be end due to the shortage of water...

  4. I have considered harvesting water from the river, but think the filtration and sanitation might be too problematic.