Monday 20 December 2010

Bathroom Tiled

I tiled the floor a few days ago and got the shower tray fixed down and waste installed.  The floor tiles were fairly easy and I'm not the greatest tiler.

Knowing this and how bad tiling can look if its not done properly I got a local tiler in to do the walls.  With tiling its all about the setting out, thing is if its done right it never notices.

I am delighted with the job.  Thanks Marc.

 Still to be grouted

The colours haven't reproduced very well, but you get the idea.  140 tiles were estimated and we were left with only 1 tile with just a bit of cutting waste.  All the adhesive used is the flexible type and is vibration tolerant.

All the tiles and adhesive weighed 305kg the shower tray weighs 25kg, and the glass door is 34kg.  All of this will be added to the weight spreadsheet.

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